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Karen Gelbard
  I am a handweaver who designs and produces handwoven jackets and scarves with color landscapes drawn from the Pacific Northwest. I design and weave the fabrics and garments. These items are then sold through juried art fairs, galleries and studio sales. In addition to my studio work, I also weave upholstry fabric for Timberline Lodge. With this project, I re-create historical fabric with contemporary colors and yarns. To date, I have woven 200 yards. From time to time I have opened my studio to weavers interested in improving their skills, needing information on weaving, spinning, natural dyeing or fiber resources. In exchange for my assistance, they help me with some basic tasks in the studio. I could also be a resource for those artists interested in doing juried art fairs. I have experience to share in booth design and marketing skills. I have been a member of the Nestucca Valley Artisans for many years. This association has taught me the skills for putting on an annual art show. I could be a resource for sharing this information too. I have presented workshops to local guilds on designing with handwoven fabrics. I am interested in doing historical research of textiles. These items often tell unique stories of people and the times they lived in. I am always interested in further development of my skills in garment design with handwoven fabrics. When not in use for shows that I am doing, I have display fixtures (grids) that could be rented.  
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P.O. Box 455, Pacific City, Oregon, 97135