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Kilchis Grange
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  Grange Hall. Groups may use the grange building if the activities are not advertised. Two-story facility, approximately 4100 square feet 165 occupancy. Amenities include kitchen, seating and tables for 135, wood floors upstairs with sideline seating, additional folding chairs available. Heating/Ventilation. Risers, curtains, spot lights, piano. Upstairs room available. Downstairs outside patio for liquor set-up and barbecue. Firepit. Picnic tables. Rental agreement. Day use homeowners insurance required unless covered by vendor. Commercial fridge. ADA access in rear of building.$50 non-refundable deposit. Mid week fees, $50 per event. One event per weekend, $300 all day. Set up Friday night OK, cleanup Sunday OK. 4 hour event $150.  
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8780 9th Street, Bay City, Oregon, 97107