Tips on How to Clean a Tinted Auto Window

When you are a car owner, what you need to understand is that you need to make sure that you decide well for the things that you want to do for your car window. The reason behind this is that your car is one of the greatest investments that you could get and thus, in order to protect it, you need to make sure that you take care of it to the best of your ability. This is entirely the reason why as much as possible, you need to get your car windows tinted not only to protect your windows but also its interior. Aside from this, you could also make sure that the aesthetics of your vehicle is valued. However, you need to understand that tinting your car window is not the end of your efforts to take care of your vehicle. You also need to make sure that it is well maintained. 

The first key to maintaining your car window tints is to get it tinted by a professional contractor just like mobile window tinting Chandler AZ. When you do so, you don’t just make sure that your tint is properly installed, but also you are assured that it is long lasting. There are a few things that you need to remember in order to ensure the longevity of your installed window tint. Here are some of the things you could do: 

  1. Be Patient Before Washing 

When your car tint is just recently installed, what you need to understand is that you need to wait for some time in order for you to wash it. The reason behind this is that when car window tint it installed, there are times when the tint has not yet dried up and therefore, when you try and wash it, it will certainly peel off. This is entirely the reason why as much as possible, you need to make sure that the tint of your vehicle has been completely dried off.  

2. Never Use Harsh Cleaners 

If you are planning to wash your car windows, especially those that are tinted, what you need to his understand is that you need to choose the kind of cleaners you will be using since there are other types that are abrasive and could necessarily damage the window tint. This is entirely the reason why as much as possible, you need to make sure that your cleaners are friendly with your car tint in order to make sure that there will be no damage while using the product. 

3. Soft Cloth in Cleaning 

Lastly and most importantly, aside from not using abrasive cleaner, you also need to make sure that you use a soft cloth in cleaning your windows. Window tint could be very sensitive, depending on the material and the age of the tint. Thus, in order to ensure longevity of the survival of the tint, you need to use a soft cloth, preferably a microfiber in order to ensure that there will be no damages caused by the cloth.  

While getting your car window tinted by a professional is something that you should do, you should also not undermine the importance of its maintenance.  

Hacks to Take Care of your Plants

Do you have a green thumb? In this time of quarantine and the global pandemic we are all experiencing, plants or planting has become a worldwide sensation that everyone seems to get attracted to doing. The reason is because people are forced to stay on their properties and avoid getting in contact with other people aside from those that lives in the same home as them, therefore, people are looking for new avenues that they could do stay entertained and busy during this very boring time of the century. Planting different plants are definitely very fun to do especially that you really get to see it grow since you can manage it every single day and see the progress yourself.  

Planting trees and taking care of trees are different from each other but they have the same goal which is to keep the plant or tree healthy by properly taking care of it says tree trimming Chandler. But, you should not be afraid in venturing in tree planting because it also has its own benefits especially to the environment because adding more trees for mother earth is very helpful and if you have the space or the lawn to do so then why not. But basically, if you also grow plants and not trees, you will still go through the same process of taking care of it. And if you are planning to grow your own plants or trees then you must make sure that you take care of it as best as you can. 

If you are just starting in this new hobby and you do not have any idea yet on how to properly take care of plants and trees then you are in the perfect spot because we are about to teach some hacks that you could do to take care of your plants in your home.  


If you eat bananas at home, do not make the mistake of throwing or composting the peel after eating because you could also use the peel as duster for the leaves of your plants. Since the surface of the banana peel is moist, it would be able to get dust off the leaves of your plants. Just be aware that there will be some gunk that would be left on the leaves but don’t worry about it because it could help with the aphids.  


If you like some boiled eggs in the morning, do not throw the water where you boiled the eggs in because you could use this to water to your plants since this is rich in calcium that will be healthy for plants.  


Make a cut on your sponge’s corner because that will be a great sweeper and duster for your plants leaves. Sponge has a soft material which will be friendly for your plants’ leaves.  


The salt that you should use is Epsom salt because it contains sulfur as well as magnesium that will help your plants to grow better. Hence, you should mix at least two spoons of salt to one gallon of water and spray it to your plants.  

If you continue on doing these hacks, your plants will grow happy and healthy.  

Questions to Consider Before Having Your Windows Tinted

Having the windows of your car tinted offers both aesthetic and health perks and advantages. Especially if this is installed properly, the window tints of your vehicle will last longer and stand out among all. But before you push through with the idea of having your vehicle windows tinted, there are several questions that you must think about first so that you can guarantee the window tinting outcomes of your car. Here are some of them: 

How long must I keep my windows up after getting it tinted? 

A skilled installer of window tints will suggest you fight the urge of rolling down your windows and examine how your window tints are installed properly. If you lower the windows too early, there’s a possibility that it can peel or be damaged even before completing the curing procedure. Usually, you have to keep the windows up for 24 hours minimum after installing the tints.  

How long should the window tinting installation take? 

Based on the number of windows you’re planning to be tinted, vehicular window tints commonly just consume 1 to 3 hours to install. Moreover, the time frame depends on the type of vehicle that you’ll be tinting. If you can’t wait for a few hours, request your chosen window tinting provider if you can just drop your car off in their shop and get back later or on the next day.  

How long would my tint last? 

Once crucial questions you need to ponder is about your desired durability for your window tinting. Nowadays, a scratch-resistant coating has been made available on quality films of window tints. Because of this, securing your tints from damages that are potentially due to children, weather conditions, and pets are much easier now.  

How dark should my window tints be? 

Take note that every state mandate various regulation in terms of tinting. Various glass pieces may have dissimilar restrictions according to how dark they could be. For instance, in Virginia, the windows behind the seat of a driver should let 35% of light in, meanwhile, the front door windows should allow more than 50% of sunlight into a sedan.   

How should I ready my windows before the tinting process starts? 

In terms of any window tinting types, you should guarantee that the windows are totally tidy. Making sure that you have clean car windows enables you to get a more long-lasting and more accurate installation. Hiring a window tinting Glendale installer will guarantee to clean everything including the class and its surroundings before they install the tints.  

Those are only some of the questions that you need to consider first before you finally have your car tinted. If you know your answers and you’re confident enough about what you really want in a window tint, you can truly be satisfied with your investment and be confident with its final result. After all, window tint provides that effect on people. Should you need window tinting services, make sure to leave these jobs to the experts. 

The Advantages of Using a Limousine

If you’re planning for your next trip, think about using a limo service Gilbert. Unlike what the media usually recommends, employing a limousine service isn’t only limited to the rich people. In fact, anybody can be picked up by a limousine. Not to mention that hiring a limo service can give several perks, such as the following: 

Make great memories 

Special days such as your prom night or wedding day will occur once in our lifetime. Hence, you have to make sure that you create positive memories by attending such events with a limousine. This vehicle is sufficiently big to cater to the brides and their bridal train. Moreover, you can use a limo for your girl’s night out. If you do so, you can make sure that you’ll experience a comfy ride after and even before the event. Not to mention that you will look good in videos and pictures if you arrive at the venue.  


A limo is one of those vehicles to impress your friends, acquaintances, or friends with. The best part is that you don’t need to get one of your today. You can just book a limo service reservation and let them take you to where you want to be. Remember that a limo will generate the right general impression during meetings, for instance. Moreover, a limo service can be used to pick up your business partners from your office.  


Unlike taxis, limousines are operated by certified and qualified drivers who don’t go more than the required speed. Most importantly, you get more control over the drivers’ actions. Meaning, you can ask them to slow down once you think he’s going extremely fast. Moreover, limos are durable vehicles as well that can be proof-shock. Because of this, you can make sure that you reach your desired place in optimal health and at a good time.  


A typical limousine can provide comfy sitting to 6-11 individuals. Hence, the amount that you’ll be paying isn’t that much different should you hire a cab. Moreover, opting for a limo can also provide an additional comfort bonus. After a late-night flight or a long transatlantic trip, nothing is more relaxing than to be going to your desired destination with a limousine.  

Limo tips 

Always bring your valuables 

If you won’t go far for a long time, you should refuse to leave your things inside the limousine. Rather than bringing them with you every time. A lot of limo services wouldn’t take responsibility for the things that would be lost once the owners leave in the vehicle. If you want to prevent this risk to happen to you, we highly recommend you to personally keep your things.  

Keep the laws 

A lot of limo services don’t allow driving under the influence and don’t allow using drugs in the car. Until now, they keep the right to terminate the contract of the clients without allowing a refund if any customer will violate the rules.  

Cleaning Hacks You Should Know by Now

Sometimes, smells, stains, and spills can emerge at just the wrong timing. For instance, you have had an unexpected visitor coming over your house and you plan to perform a few last-minute cleanings. If you experience this, you don’t need to worry since messes could be cleaned using daily household materials. To discuss with you more about this, we will elaborate on a few house cleaning Gilbert hacks that you wish you had learned sooner: 

Use Coca-Cola to remove oil stains 

One can of coke help in cleaning up hard to remove oil stains mostly found in garages. All you have to do is to directly pour the fizzy drink onto the oil stain and leave it there for a couple of hours. After that, scrub the stain as you see it disappearing.  

Eliminate water stains with shaving cream 

Water can actually cause a lot of mess in the form of water stains. To eliminate such a mess, you can use shaving cream on it and leave it for 15 minutes. After the time is over, you just have to wipe it using a clean cloth and you’ll notice that the water stains will be removed. 

Use an old toothbrush to clean keyboards. 

Keyboards are prone to getting all types of dust and grime. Make a solution of half vinegar and half water and submerge the head of your spare toothbrush in it. Use it to scrub your keyboard. A toothbrush is a great tool since it’s great at reaching the areas between the keys. 

Use vodka to clean mildew  

Yes, you can actually make use of your bottles of vodka you store in your cupboard area for cleaning purposes. All you need to do is to put half water and half vodka into a spray bottle then directly spray it onto the mold and mildew. Leave this for ten minutes and then wipe it with a cloth.  

Use hairspray to remove a lipstick stain 

If you got some lipstick stains on your shirt, get hairspray and slightly spray it onto the stained area. Them, use a damp cloth to rub it and normally wash it. With this trick, you’ll see that the lipstick stains will have totally gone missing.  

Microwave your sponge to disinfect it 

 Sure, sponges are proficient in terms of cleaning all types of grime and dirt. However, what’s the ideal way to clean the dirt accumulated from your kitchen sponge? Well, you can try to dampen your sponge lightly and then put it into your microwave for at least 90 seconds. You may be shocked to know that this can actually annihilate up to 99 percent of bacteria.  

Use baking soda to hide scratches 

If your plate got scratched up, do not replace them with new ones yet. Rather, you can create an easy paste by mixing water and baking soda. Then, scrub this paste into the cracked areas and rinse it afterward. The paste would set within the cracks and would nearly be unnoticeable.