Hacks to Take Care of your Plants

Do you have a green thumb? In this time of quarantine and the global pandemic we are all experiencing, plants or planting has become a worldwide sensation that everyone seems to get attracted to doing. The reason is because people are forced to stay on their properties and avoid getting in contact with other people aside from those that lives in the same home as them, therefore, people are looking for new avenues that they could do stay entertained and busy during this very boring time of the century. Planting different plants are definitely very fun to do especially that you really get to see it grow since you can manage it every single day and see the progress yourself.  

Planting trees and taking care of trees are different from each other but they have the same goal which is to keep the plant or tree healthy by properly taking care of it says tree trimming Chandler. But, you should not be afraid in venturing in tree planting because it also has its own benefits especially to the environment because adding more trees for mother earth is very helpful and if you have the space or the lawn to do so then why not. But basically, if you also grow plants and not trees, you will still go through the same process of taking care of it. And if you are planning to grow your own plants or trees then you must make sure that you take care of it as best as you can. 

If you are just starting in this new hobby and you do not have any idea yet on how to properly take care of plants and trees then you are in the perfect spot because we are about to teach some hacks that you could do to take care of your plants in your home.  


If you eat bananas at home, do not make the mistake of throwing or composting the peel after eating because you could also use the peel as duster for the leaves of your plants. Since the surface of the banana peel is moist, it would be able to get dust off the leaves of your plants. Just be aware that there will be some gunk that would be left on the leaves but don’t worry about it because it could help with the aphids.  


If you like some boiled eggs in the morning, do not throw the water where you boiled the eggs in because you could use this to water to your plants since this is rich in calcium that will be healthy for plants.  


Make a cut on your sponge’s corner because that will be a great sweeper and duster for your plants leaves. Sponge has a soft material which will be friendly for your plants’ leaves.  


The salt that you should use is Epsom salt because it contains sulfur as well as magnesium that will help your plants to grow better. Hence, you should mix at least two spoons of salt to one gallon of water and spray it to your plants.  

If you continue on doing these hacks, your plants will grow happy and healthy.